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Last Update 6 August, 2021

Aims and Scope

The aim of this international journal is to accelerate progress in laboratory animal experimentation and disseminate relevant information in related areas through publication of peer reviewed Original papers and Review articles. The journal covers basic to applied biomedical research centering around use of experimental animals and also covers topics related to experimental animals such as technology, management, and animal welfare.

Experimental Animals Moves to Online-only Publication

Experimental Animals (EA), the official journal of JALAS, is shifting its operations from print and online publishing to online-only publication in 2020 (Vol. 69 Issue 1). The online versions can be continuously accessed via Pubmed Central (PMC) or J-STAGE (from JALAS website). The printed version cannot be sustained owing to the need to decrease the cost for producing and distributing hard copies. In 2010, the decision on the EA’s shift to the online-only journal was made by the Board of Directors and, after 8 years of online and minimal print dual publication, the time has come to make the transition to an online only journal. Due to EA’s shift away from print publications, its publication fee structure has been revised - this has been agreed at the last the Board of Director meeting at November 16th, 2018.
We would greatly appreciate if JALAS members could kindly understand this change and continuously support publication of EA as before.

Ichiro Miyoshi
President, JALAS
Atsuo Ogura
Editor-in-Chief, Experimental Animals

Current issue


Cover: Differences in facial expressions due to pain in various animals are categorized into three levels of pain intensity: none (0), moderate (1), and clearly present (2).
(Onuma, et al., 234–245)

Vol. 73. No. 3 July 2024